Few remember the slot machines in bars with napkins, toothpicks and olive pits on the floor. The 21st century has brought us high-class gastronomy and clean spaces without tobacco smoke. It looks like something from another century, right? Many changes in a short time and almost all for the better but it is inevitable to wonder what will become of our leisure moments in the bar in the future. Slot machines seem to have been relegated to the big casinos or to Manolo’s bar who refuses to remove that traditional space from his tavern.

Current online slots

Today, slots are part of our leisure time of the day on our mobiles or a weekend spent in the living room with knee-high socks and fur pajamas.

There have been many changes since Charles Fey invented the first arcade machine, the ” Liberty Bell, ” but the basic functions remain the same. Bet a coin (virtual or not), spin the reels and get winning combinations. However, the prizes have varied greatly since the first slot machine. Back then you could play from a few dollars to a few cigarettes or a few drinks and today you can win multi-million dollar jackpots , cars or luxury trips.

Currently, the physical slots of the casinos have incorporated all kinds of functions , lights , buttons and symbols of different themes online betting singapore. That is why the online industry has decided not to be less and the most important game providers in the market have decided to join this revolution on the internet, with sophisticated systems for creating random combinations.

What does the future hold?

Today’s devices are powered by micro processors . This technology makes it easier for casino operators to calculate the bets, the amount of the bets and the type of games with the most success, among others.

The gaming industry has been tied to the progress of different types of technology in the past and that trend will grow even more in the future. With the introduction of the augmented reality environment and the launch of devices like e wallet casino singapore Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive just around the corner, the possibilities for growth seem endless.

One thing is certain, and it is that no matter whether the slot machines are controlled via buttons, push buttons, touch screens or brain waves, players will continue to tirelessly search for the big prize.

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